A Glass Half-full of Moonlight

September 13, 2012 in Encouragement

By Kelly Young

Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Dark wouldn’t sound very magical. Who would dance very long to a song called Dancing in the Shadows either, even if moonlit nights are full of shadows?

It’s the classic glass half-full argument. Even if you tell it to me straight, you can still choose whether or not to smile and say it nicely.

Of course people with RA get tired of seeing a serious disease minimized in the media who usually insists

  • That the disease is nothing more than a few aches and pains.
  • That the medications are practically a cure.
  • That patients mostly live beautiful pain-free lives.

Our providing a more accurate picture of the disease will greatly benefit patient care, research funding, and accommodations for physical disabilities. This is one of the critical goals we’re accomplishing together through the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF).

But as we take huge steps forward into the public spotlight, we’re still going to smile!

At times I’m sure most RA patients have felt “mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.” We know the reality is most people with RA

  • Bravely overcome obstacles daily.
  • Suffer more than others realize.
  • Fight a progressive systemic disease.

Our challenge is to portray the reality without spin – pulling no punches – standing firm as we light one more candle in the darkness – I mean, moonlight.