Carmen’s Story

January 19, 2019 in Interviews, Patient Input, Stories

By sharing our own stories, we can offer hope and encouragement for others and let people with Rheumatoid Disease know that they are not alone in this fight. If you're interested in sharing your story, please visit our story page.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family -- where you're from, what you do, what your interests are, etc.

I am a mother of two grown children and an angel who I lost to SIDS when he was 2 months old. I am a wife to a very loving husband and veteran, a Nana to four beautiful grandbabies, and a cat mama to two beautiful crazy kitties. I am from a small town in Wisconsin, Beloit, and I live just north of there in Janesville, WI. My interests include Family (always and forever), animals, reading, sports (watching not playing anymore).

When were you diagnosed with RA/Rheumatoid Disease?

I was diagnosed in November 2018, but I believe I have been dealing with this for several years now but passed it off as just getting old.

What was your first symptom?

Being hospitalized with inflammation of my lungs, then again with my colon.

What is the biggest way rheumatoid disease has affected your life?

I have lost my job and I can not do the things I used to do anymore.

What has been your experience with treatments for rheumatoid disease?

Just started on a treatment of Methotrexate, so it's all new to me.

What do you want the public to know about rheumatoid disease?

Rheumatoid Disease is not just about the joints, it affects your whole body and organs. It is very painful and debilitating, has an affect on your mental health as well.

How have you worked to overcome challenges presented by rheumatoid disease?

I haven't, still working on it. Right now I am trying not to lose everything I have worked so hard for which is really hard when you have to chose to either pay bills or eat. I rarely eat because there just isn't enough in the budget.

What have you learned through living with rheumatoid disease?

I am not superwoman and I need to listen to my body.

What encouragement or advice would you give to someone who is newly diagnosed?

Don't give up and seek all the help you can get.