Donate a Picture

RPF prefers to use images of and from real patients rather than stock photography on its website and in printed materials and publications. If you have a high quality image of yourself, your family, or other patients, please consider donating it for the use of RPF.

Choose an image from your computer and click submit.

Please choose high quality and clear pictures and don't worry about cropping them. We can crop them to the shape that we need.

By clicking submit, you acknowledge that you have the rights to the image you are uploading and that the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation 501c(3) may, but is not required to use the image in any of its publications or on its website.

NOTE: There is no way to know the name or email of a picture donated. Only the title of the picture is shown. If you have a description of your picture that you would like to give, please send an email to and include the title of the picture.