The 6th annual RAD

The 6th annual Rheumatoid Awareness Day was supported by a digital billboard campaign, with over 200 billboards in over 40 cities and 30 states across the country



RPF partnered

RPF partnered with Lamar Advertising Company to create the first ever public service announcement campaign for rheumatoid disease – featuring billboards with educational and awareness messaging in several markets across the U.S.


RPF began

RPF began featuring patient stories on our blogto highlight individuals’ experiences and bring encouragement and support to others

A partnership with Sanguine Bioscience allowed a simple way people with RD could get involved to help accelerate research through a blood donation

rheum4us rheum4us


A partnership with ContextMedia

A partnership with ContextMedia: Health Network (now Outcome Health) allowed us to air a series of videos featuring stories from rheumatoid patients in a network of over 700 rheumatology offices across the country

RPF launched its first scholarship program as a way to support students affected by RD who are looking to advance their education and/or change careers


2nd Rheumatoid Awareness Day

RPF established February 2nd as Rheumatoid Awareness Day -- providing a special day of recognition for rheumatoiddisease and a platform to help bring RD out of the shadows

RPF published its first press releases in conjunction with the creation and success of the inaugural Rheumatoid Awareness Day

Our first research was published – with two research abstracts accepted by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) for poster presentations at the ACR Annual Meeting and publication in a supplement of the October issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism, an official journal of the ACR. Research findings highlighted disparities between current medical literature and actual experiences of people living with RD, as well as data examining how the Health Assessment Questionnaire may not capture real world context and consequences of physical activity.

RPF had its own speaking session at the ACR Annual Meeting with RPF founder and president, Kelly O’Neill (Young) as one of the speakers on the topic of patient engagement

rheum4us rheum4us


Educational brochures

Educational brochures were printed and distributed to rheumatology offices to help educate patients on a variety of topics including basic information about RA, treatment management, and family planning with rheumatoid disease.


RPF E stablished

Rheumatoid Patient Foundation established as the first non-profit in the U.S. solely focused on patients with rheumatoid disease

RPF exhibited at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting for the first time – for the first time showcasing the patient experience and perspective at this annual event that draws in thousands of rheumatology professionals from around the glob


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