New Coordinator for Dedicated RPF Volunteers

April 25, 2013 in Events

Over its first couple of years, RPF has been blessed with talented and enthusiastic volunteers. All of the activities detailed in our recent annual report were accomplished on a volunteer basis. If you’ve read the new white paper, you’ve seen the work of several different volunteers who contributed at every stage of the process, from answering survey questions to compiling the data to donating photos to final review by some of our advisors.

Press releases and newsletter articles, poster and brochure design, fundraisers, the new Rheumatoid disease ribbon, and the RPF store… are just a few of the ways volunteers have contributed in recent months. As a national organization, RPF has rapidly reached a point at which it requires the efforts of a Volunteer Coordinator.

And now, I have the pleasure of introducing to you our new Volunteer Coordinator, Shannon Young.

ShannonShannon is passionate about helping people find the things they can do to make a positive impact. She shares RPF core values, and is committed to seeing our mission carried out. Shannon knows “it will take many hands to accomplish” our goals, and she looks forward to helping equip and support them. She told me recently: “I believe that for an organization to thrive and reach its goals, it must be a learning organization where staff and volunteers at all levels, individually and collectively, are continually increasing their ability to produce results they really care about.”

Please join me in welcoming Shannon.

Click here to complete a volunteer interest form. Shannon will be contacting all volunteers soon. Please be patient – she’s a volunteer too.

Note: RPF has other volunteers and staff who share the names “Shannon” or “Young;” however Shannon Young is not related to any of them.

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