Request Resources

Samples of currently available materials will be included in Membership Kits for new Members.  Click here to become a Member today.  Larger quantities of resources can be requested using the form below.  Because the RPF is a non-profit organization, and there is a cost to producing and shipping these materials, we do suggest that a donation be given to defray these costs.  Suggested donation amounts are included below:

Brochures, Bookmarks & Awareness Cards

Quantity Requested Suggested Donation
150 Brochures (mix & match) $75 (50 cents each)
250 Brochures (mix & match) $100 (40 cents each)
500 Brochures (mix & match) $175 (34 cents each)
50 Awareness Cards $10 (20 cents each)
25 Warrior Tree Bookmarks $10 (40 cents each)