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RPF uses a variety of sources to document information our publications, including published research, input from medical experts and information from patient surveys.

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Some of the PDF's may take a while to open on your computer, please be patient.

Poster: Variable Efficacy of Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments. (pdf)

Poster: Four Courses of Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Progression. (pdf) 

Brochure: Rheumatoid Patient Foundation Official brochure. (pdf)

Brochure: Treatment Management for Rheumatoid Disease. (pdf)

Brochure: Pregnancy and Family Planning with Rheumatoid Disease Official RPF brochure. (pdf)

Brochure: About RA: What is Rheumatoid Disease brochure. (pdf)

Brochure: Treat to Target in Rheumatoid Disease. (pdf)

Brochure: Methotrexate: The Most Prescribed Treatment for Rheumatoid Disease. (pdf)

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