15 Seconds of Fame: Rheumatoid Awareness Video Challenge

15 Seconds of Fame: Rheumatoid Awareness Video Challenge

by Dana Symons

As we get ready for the 3rd Annual Rheumatoid Awareness Day on February 2nd, I want to challenge EVERYONE to create a simple video -- even as short as 15 seconds -- telling the world why we need to find a cure for Rheumatoid Disease. Rheumatoid Disease is estimated to affect about 1 out of every 100 people, so chances are most people know someone who has it. If you have RD, if you have a relative or friend with RD, if you are a caregiver -- add your voice now, tell the world why you want to see a cure, and help give Rheumatoid Disease 15 seconds of fame in 2015!

Share your video online and ask your friends and family to share your video and/or create their own! Use the hashtag #Rheum4ACure so we can find and follow what others are posting.

Here's a peek at my sample video (a little longer than 15 seconds, but yours doesn't have to be!).

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