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The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation prefers to use images of and from real patients rather than stock photography on its website and in printed and digital communications and publications. If you have a high quality image of yourself or your family, please consider donating it for the use of RPF. Please choose high quality and clear pictures. By donating your photo(s), you acknowledge that you agree to the terms below.

Thank you so much for considering donating your photos! Please be sure to read the agreement below.

NOTE: If you include your name with your file upload, you agree to let us use your first name only in connection with your photo(s). If you would not like your name be used, please submit "Anonymous" as your name.

By submitting a photo or photos, you acknowledge that you have the rights to the image you are uploading and permission from any other persons in the photograph to donate for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation's (RPF) use. If any of your photos contain images of minors (under 18 years of age), you assert that you have parental permission for the child's photograph to be donated to and used by RPF according to these terms. You acknowledge that the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation 501c(3) may, but is not required to, use your image(s) in any of its printed or digital communications or publications. You understand that any photos you donate to RPF become property of RPF. You acknowledge that since your participation is voluntary, you will receive no financial compensation. You give RPF permission to edit, alter, crop, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute the photo(s) and waive the right to inspect or approve any communication using your photo or likeness before it is distributed.

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