Experiencing the Limitations of Rheumatoid Disease

Experiencing the Limitations of Rheumatoid Disease

Limited Mobility Suit
Rheumatoid Patients: Have you ever wished that your doctors, friends, or family could experience first-hand just a little bit of what it's like to live with Rheumatoid Disease?

Health Professionals and Caregivers: Have you ever wondered what it really feels like to live with Rheumatoid Disease?

This year, at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Scientific Meeting, the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation will be providing that opportunity.  At our booth in the Exhibit Hall, we will have with us a "limited mobility suit", designed specifically to mimic the limited range of motion and mobility that many patients with Rheumatoid Disease (RD) experience every day.  This is a full body suit, with numerous straps that tighten to restrict joint movement.

Those who live with RD know all too well the frustrations that come with limited mobility, which can make some of the most simple and routine tasks near impossible.  Picking up a cup of coffee.  Washing your hair.  Turning your car key in the ignition. Getting out of bed.  Standing up from a chair.  Once strapped in to the limited mobility suit, one can experience how difficult it really can be to perform some of these tasks with stiff joints that are difficult to bend.

Our hope is to offer the opportunity for ACR attendees to begin to understand some of the challenges RD patients face.  Just imagine adding some pain and fatigue into the mix on top of the limited mobility and it will start to paint an accurate portrait of what many patients experience.  To those who are attending ACR this year, we hope that you'll stop by our booth -- #510 -- to see this in action (or try it on yourself!) and learn more about patient experiences.  For the rest of you, we hope to capture some video footage of the limited mobility suit to share with you!

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