First RPF Video Live on Our New YouTube Channel

First RPF Video Live on Our New YouTube Channel

The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF) presents: The Faces of Rheumatoid Disease, a video testimonial from people living with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD). In the first video presentation of the RPF, patients explain in their own words

  1. How living with RAD has affected their lives.
  2. What they most want others to know about RAD.
  3. What they need from their rheumatology care.
  4. The most frustrating things about living with RAD.

Many more opportunities to participate are coming very soon from the RPF! Don’t miss a thing! Click here to sign up now to receive email updates of every RAD Events post!

Some of the exciting RAD Events coming up:

  • Members’ forum!
  • Video contest!
  • Resources tab with downloadable help!
  • Fun & help for RPF volunteers!


Patients, care-givers, and doctors have asked us for research collaboration, more resources and tools for patient care and disease awareness. The needs are immense! And the RPF are the ones who can best meet them – and we are! Please join us now in doing all we can to help the RPF help patients!

  1. Click here to make a donation now.
  2. Watch the Faces of Rheumatoid Disease video again! LIKE & share it on YouTube!
  3. Join our new RPF Facebook page – click here and share with friends.



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