Amazing Advocates: Inspiring Stories from Patient Advocates

Amazing Advocates: Inspiring Stories from Patient Advocates

Several people in our community have shared stories with RPF recently about their own advocacy efforts and contact they've had with government officials in light of the newly established Rheumatoid Awareness Day. We want to share their inspiring stories as encouragement to others who want to join in advancing the cause of rheumatoid patients through advocacy activities. Click here for some basic tips about patient advocacy and to see some example letters.

By Janette Sands

janette-sands2I wrote to my congressman this morning – in an effort to support our cause I think it is a good first step.  Click here to view a copy of the letter that I sent.

Congressmen need to hear our stories; maybe they can in the future, sponsor legislation for us. My dream and a sure great way to start off the campaign would be for one of them to sponsor Rheumatoid Awareness Day as a federally recognized day.

If each warrior is able to write a personal note to their Congressman and start the conversation/education/relationship it would open their eyes -- or at least when we start visiting them they will be on task with us.

All congressmen have a local office, anyone from their constituency can make appointments with their staff to talk or just drop off the press release. From my experience, writing a personal letter normally helps getting personal attention.

The two links below will allow each warrior to do it individually.

 NOTE: If you have written a letter or conducted other advocacy efforts, RPF members would like to hear about it. Please email to share your story.

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