Letter Writing Campaign to Vice President Pence

Letter Writing Campaign to Vice President Pence

Mike Pence rheumatoid patient foundation fundraiser

Mrs. Karen Pence, then Governor Mike Pence and Mayor Kristen Brown (of Columbus, IN) at RPF Fundraiser in 2013.

The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation has started a petition to get a national proclamation for Rheumatoid Awareness Day. Click here to read and sign the petition. A national proclamation has to be made by the President of the United States. However, we are asking people to join in a letter campaign to Vice President, Mike Pence, to help get the President's attention. VP Pence has a personal connection to rheumatoid disease, as one of his relatives lives with RD. Mike Pence (then Governor of Indiana), along with his wife, attended an RPF fundraising event in 2013 put on by Kim Pence on be half of her daughter, Kelsey Pence Russo.

Since we already know that Vice President Pence is familiar with rheumatoid disease and has already shown dedicating to promoting awareness, we are aiming to have him become a champion for our Rheumatoid Awareness Day petition. As someone with access to and influential with the President, he's an ideal person to have take up our cause.

Please consider e-mailing Mike Pence through the whitehouse.gov website. Select "Reflections for the Vice President" under "Message Type" and tell Vice President Pence why you think it's so important that we get a national proclamation for February 2nd as Rheumatoid Awareness Day. To help get you started, we've included a sample letter below that you are welcome to use. We also encourage you to make it personal and share why this is so important to YOU.

Together, we can help bring rheumatoid disease out of the shadows!

E-mail Vice President Pence


Dear Vice President Pence,

In 2011, the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation was established as the first non-profit organization in the United States solely focused on improving the lives of people with Rheumatoid Disease. Two years later, Rheumatoid Awareness Day was established as February 2nd by that same foundation. While several cities and localities have issued official proclamations, we are still lacking a national proclamation for Rheumatoid Awareness Day in the United States.

Rheumatoid Disease (also known as Rheumatoid Arthritis) is a progressive inflammatory disease causing damage to joint and organ tissues, resulting in severe pain, frequent disability and increased mortality. Because the disease is commonly presumed to be a type of arthritis, proper support is lacking, causing problems with disability accommodations, clinical care, healthcare reimbursement and research funding.

This year, the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation is petitioning the President of the United States to issue a National Proclamation declaring February 2nd as Rheumatoid Awareness Day. A nationally recognized Awareness Day would serve as an annual platform to educate people about the disease -- including patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and the general public. Education and awareness are crucial to bringing about better clinical care, increased research funding and improved disease outcomes.

You have shown support for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation and rheumatoid disease awareness in the past by participating in the fundraising race event with Kelsey Pence Russo in 2013. I hope that we can count on your continued support and ask that you would personally speak to the President and encourage him to issue a National Proclamation establishing February 2nd as Rheumatoid Awareness Day.

You can view the petition we have started at the following web address: https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-national-proclamation-for-rheumatoid-awareness-day/

More information can be found at the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation website: http://staging2.rheum4us.org

On behalf of myself and the millions of others who have fought the crippling pain and damage of rheumatoid disease, I thank you in advance for anything you can do to help us increase awareness and bring rheumatoid disease out of the shadows.

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