RA Twist for Project 365

RA Twist for Project 365

By Tanya Martin

In 2010 I tried to do Project 365 but I was unable to complete it as I started to flare in September. My shoulders were so stiff I could barely move my neck.  Last year I knew I was unable to even try Project 365 again. It is now 2012 and I am still dealing with pain, stiffness and fatigue. I decided to add an RA Twist to my Project 365 to give me rules that would help me succeed.

So far it has been helpful for me to have these slightly different rules. This week it has been hard to sit long so it was really helpful to use the RA Twist. The rules help me be able to be and feel productive while living with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease.

The RA Twist for Project 365 rules:

1.      The images I post are not limited to photos I have taken, but can also be graphic images or videos I have created. I love creating images and making videos as much as taking photos so I want to use all types of creative media.

2.      The images, photos, videos or other creative media do not have to be made or taken that day. This way if I don’t feel well enough to sit long at the computer or hold the camera, I can share any of the thousands of photos I already have.

3.      If I feel too sick to post or something comes up and I cannot post, I skip posting. My RA Twist to Project 365 will be making 365 posts to my blog. They do not have to be in a row.

4.      Leap year? Take the day off.

The “creative media” could also include or just be writing. We have way too many limits in our life to limit to just one type of media.

The second twist to my Project 365 was to support RPF since I and other family members have or had Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I would like to encourage anyone that is doing Project 365 to use it to help support RPF. If you are just uploading your photos to Facebook, then add a description to the album letting everyone know you are using your Project 365 to support RPF and include a link to https://rheum4us.org/. You can do the same if you are using other social networking websites. Thank you in advance.

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