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One of RPF's long-term goals is to see a cure for Rheumatoid Disease. Working toward that goal, we also support research that can lead to better care and new therapies for treating rheumatoid disease and halting its progression. Clinical trials are an important step in research and are crucial in bringing to market new drugs to combat rheumatoid disease.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a research study done on human participants that aims to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of a new treatment , or to compare the effects of one treatment versus another. Clinical trials provide the scientific evidence necessary to make better treatment decisions. Because clinical trials involve studying people, it's a way that individuals can contribute to new scientific research and discoveries.

Interested in Getting Involved?

If you're interested in supporting research by getting involved in clinical trials, it can be difficult to find a trial that is a good match for you. Because clinical trials are seeking to answer very specific questions, each trial requires a narrow participant population that meets clearly defined eligibility criteria. To make it easier for you to search for available trials that you are actually eligible for, we've partnered with Antidote -- a technology company whose focus is on helping patients find and participate in clinical trials. Not only do they make clinical trials easy to find, they also make them easy to understand with information written in plain English, with an emphasis on what patients need to know.

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