Resources for Health Professionals

Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (Brochure)

Tri-fold, informational brochure about the RPF.( click for preview)

About RA - What is Rheumatoid Disease? (Brochure)

Tri-fold, informational brochure, explaining the basics about RA.  Ideal for the newly diagnosed and/or family members and caregivers. (click for preview)

Treatment Management for Rheumatoid Disease (Brochure)

Quad-fold, informational brochure offering a broad overview of treatment options for RA.
Includes topline information on DMARDs and biologics as well as information on treating symptoms and measuring disease activity. (click for preview)

Pregnancy and Family Planning with Rheumatoid Disease (Brochure)

Tri-fold, informational brochure primarily geared toward women with RA who are planning to become pregnant. Includes FAQs about pregnancy and RA with information on what to expect and how to manage treatments during conception, pregnancy and postpartum. (click for preview)

Treat to Target (T2T) in Rheumatoid Disease (Brochure)

Tri-fold, informational brochure outlining the concept and benefits of Treat to Target, particularly for Rheumatoid patients. This brochure discusses disease activity (DA), measures of DA and T2T goals. (click for preview)

Methotrexate: The Most Prescribed Treatment for Rheumatoid Disease (Brochure)

Tri-fold, informational brochure providing basic information about methotrexate, as used to treat Rheumatoid Disease. This brochure also includes common side effects and strategies for managing them, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Ideal for those considering MTX or who recently began taking MTX to treat RD.(click for preview)

Rheumatoid Disease Awareness Cards
Wallet-size informational card that answers the question “What is Rheumatoid Disease?”
Features five important facts about Rheumatoid Disease and offers an easy way to explain the disease to others. (click for preview)

Warrior Tree Bookmarks
Laminated bookmarks featuring the "Warrior Tree" -- a live oak tree that has been scarred by a lightning strike and has come to symbolize those living with Rheumatoid Disease. "We may look well and some even stand tall, but we carry scars and injuries that, although barely visible, can change us." (click for preview)

About Rheumatoid Disease Posters

Large format laminated posters designed to be hung on the wall in a physician's exam room. Poster provides a topline overview of what RD is and the various areas of the body that the disease can affect

Treat to Target Posters

Large format laminated posters that highlight the "treat to target" approach to care for people with rheumatoid disease. Posters are designed to be hung on the wall in a physician's exam room.

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