RPF Brochures

RPF Brochures

By Katie Beth Young

The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation has new brochures!RPF Brochures

Right now we have three new brochures: The Treatment Management of Rheumatoid Disease, Pregnancy and Family Planning with Rheumatoid Disease, and our General Rheumatoid Patient Foundation brochure.

We are working on more brochures that will be ready soon. When you become a member of the RPF you will receive some of our brochures in the mail. Also, members have access to and can download the brochures in the members section of the Resources page.

Spread the word

We would love to have these brochures in your doctor’s offices so patients will have this information right when they need it. It’s exciting to be mailing out brochures that patients will be given at their appointments!

If your rheumatologist or any other medical office would like to have some of our brochures in his or her office, they can send me an email to katieb @ rheum4us . org (without the spaces) with their mailing address.

Thank you to all of you who have donated a picture to the RPF. If you would like to appear in a different brochure or on the website, please consider donating a picture.

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