ContextMedia, Inc and RPF Bring Patient Voice to Rheumatology Offices

ContextMedia, Inc and RPF Bring Patient Voice to Rheumatology Offices

Patient Videos in Rheumatology Offices

Rheumatoid Patient Foundation Video - The Faces of Rheumatoid DiseaseRheumatoid Patient Foundation is excited to announce a collaboration with ContextMedia, Inc. The ContextMedia:Health Network offers a patient education TV network to doctors' offices across the country, including about 600 rheumatology offices. RPF's very own Faces of Rheumatoid Disease video will be running across the ContextMedia:Health rheumatology network. Additionally, RPF has collaborated with ContextMedia, Inc. to produce a series of videos focused on the individual stories of people with Rheumatoid Disease. The first of these videos will run this month.

Rheumatoid Patient Foundation Resources Available to Patients and Doctors

RPF will also provide educational materials to rheumatology offices in the ContextMedia:Health Network. We will be distributing several of our brochures to participating offices. Individuals and health professionals can also request copies of our educational materials directly from our website.

Patients Supporting Patients in Their Doctors' Offices

Our hope is to provide educational resources that are easy to understand and to provide encouragement and support to others with rheumatoid disease during their time spent in doctors' waiting rooms. Rheumatoid disease can be confusing and isolating; and sometimes just hearing from another voice who understands can provide hope.

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Want to share your story? We'd love to feature you on our blog! Click here to email us and we'll provide some parameters to help put your story together and share your experience with Rheumatoid Disease.

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