Rheumatoid Awareness Day - the Real Disease

May 2, 2023

February 2nd marks the fourth annual Rheumatoid Awareness Day -- established by RPF in 2013 as a way to spread facts and increase awareness of what rheumatoid disease really is. With so many misconceptions and myths perpetuated by the media, and with a common name of rheumatoid "arthritis," it can be difficult to break through with the truth about RD. For Rheumatoid Awareness Day this year, we have chosen seven facts to help show the world what The Real Rheumatoid Disease looks like -- not the way it's portrayed on TV ads or in the media -- but what it's like for real people. To that end, we are challenging you to help us show #TheRealRD to the world. We've included the facts below along with simple images that can be easily shared on social media. Help us spread the word and use the hashtag #TheRealRD when posting on social media.

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